Suites 2, 3 & 6, 2081 Moggill Road, KENMORE QLD 4069
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General Practice

One stop health and medical care

Kenmore Clinics provides a range of comprehensive health services including:

         Medical, employment and insurance medicals

         Baby clinic, including anti and post-natal reviews

         Vaccination services

         Men’s and Women’s health

         Counselling services

         Well-equipped operating theatres for minor surgical procedures including excisions, vasectomies, circumcisions and sclerotherapy for varicose and capillary veins

         Facilities for urgent resuscitation including pressurised oxygen and nebulisation for the treatment of respiratory conditions



         24 hour blood pressure monitoring

         Interpreter services and National Relay Service if required

We recognise our patients are busy and many are time poor. We therefore offer a large range of services which meet most of your health and medical needs.

These include a Baby and Skin Cancer Clinic, Men’s and Women’s Health Clinic, well-equipped operating theatres for minor surgical procedures; travel, employment and insurance medicals, counselling services, vaccinations and interpreter services.

Other facilities include ECG, spirometry and 24 hour blood pressure monitoring.

Fully autoclaved and disposable instrumentation are used throughout the clinic and our clinic is currently Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) accredited with AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited).


Home Visits

It’s difficult for some of our regular patients to visit our clinic, so we offer a home visits service with 3km of the practice.

If at all possible, we encourage our patients to try to make it to our clinic, as our diagnostic and treatment facilities are far more extensive here.


Urgent Cases

Always call 000 for assistance in an emergency. We recommend in urgent cases that you call 000 to arrange for an ambulance.

We do offer facilities for urgent resuscitation, including defibrillator, pressurised oxygen and nebulization for the treatment of respiratory conditions.  


After Hour Services

We believe strongly in taking care of our regular patients and have one of our own doctors on call everyday (except Xmas). 

For our regular patients requiring medical assistance please call our normal telephone number – if the practice is closed the paging service number will be provided in the after hours message.


Preventative Care

We believe it is far more effective to prevent, rather than treat, disease. We offer a reminder/recall service where, with your permission, we send you information about preventative health care services appropriate to your care.