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Heart Health Check


Have you had a heart health check?


What is it?

A heart health check is a 15-20 minute appointment with one of our nurses for people who:

  • are aged 45 - 49 years
  • have not had a heart attack, heart problems or stroke

To understand your risk of heart attack or stroke, our nurses will check your blood pressure, arrange blood tests if required and talk to you about:

  • your age
  • if you smoke
  • blood pressure
  • cholesterol
  • your weight
  • what you eat
  • how much you move
  • your family history
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease

Why is it important?

Having a heart attack or stroke is very serious and will have a big impact on your life.  You may not be aware that you are at risk, as often there are no symptoms.  The best thing you can do to find out if you are at risk is to make an appoinment for a heart health check.  We can assess if you are at low, medium or high risk.  If you have a medium or high risk, our nurses will arrange a follow-up health assessment and apoointment with your usual GP to talk about what you can do to lower your risk and help you get started to improve your health.

Don't let a heart attack or a stroke be the first sign that something is wrong.

Take action

  • Phone us on 07 3363 1600 to make an appointment with one of our nurses for a heart health check
  • Ask about local programs that can help you improve your health
  • Do it for you and for the ones you love

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