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Women's Health Clinic Services

We have many female doctors available and the clinic deals with a range of women's health issues including:

          Routine Pap smear screening

          Breast checks

          Contraception and fertility

          Fertility and pregnancy tests and planning

          Cervical cancer vaccines

          Menstrual, menopause and HRT advice  

          Antenatal and postnatal care

          Sexual difficulties

          STD screening



Let’s talk about contraception! 

There are many options available now and it can be confusing to work out which method is best for you.  Of course you want your chosen method of contraception to be reliable. 

Did you know that the efficiency rate of condoms for contraception is only 82% and the combined oral contraceptive pill is 91%. 

In recent years the use of LARCs (Long acting  reversible contraception) has been increasing, because  these methods are the most effective for preventing pregnancy.  LARCS include hormonal and non-hormonal  intrauterine devices (IUDs) and hormone implants.  LARCs have greater than 99% efficiency for contraception, and can offer other benefits too, like period control. 

Dr Louisa Gilles is a qualified hormonal  IUD inserter.  No referral is required from your usual doctor however an initial consulation is required to discuss the procedure and assess suitability.  The procedure is performed onsite and Medicare rebates apply.

If you would like to consider one of these methods then make an appointment to discuss it further.