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Skin Cancer Clinic


No Referral Required

We have a privately owned skin cancer clinic dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer.

Skilled, Experienced Doctors
"A particular interest in the prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancers"

Our skin cancer clinic doctors have a particular interest in the prevention, detection and treatment of skin cancers and have undergone additional training in the use of clinical dermoscopy. Together, they offer our patients over 50 years experience in the field. 

All of our doctors are members of the Skin Cancer College of Australasia with Dr Johns being a Fellow (awarded April 2010). Both male and female doctors are available with Dr Richard Johns, Dr Candice Beaven, Dr Matthew O'Sullivan and Dr Tiffany Litvine consulting in the clinic on a regular basis.

Latest Technology. For the most effective treatment.

Our doctors use state of the art equipment such as high resolution dermoscopic cameras and equipment to complete full skin or spot lesion checks. Our focus is on achieving the best cosmetic results and a complete recovery for our patients.

We can treat many skin cancers in our clinic and treatment options include:

         Liquid nitrogen cryotherapy

         PDT therapy



         Total Body Photography

Appointments can be made for a full skin check or spot check and no referral is necessary.


Where our doctor is concerned about a lesion or lesions we are able to treat on site in our fully equipped minor theatres.  In some instances treatment on the day may be possible or you may be asked to make an appointment for further treatment.  Where necessary our doctors will refer patients to dermatologists, plastic surgeons or other specialists.