Men’s Health

Our Kenmore Men's Health Clinic offers a high standard of care

As we grow older, we become more prone to medical conditions. That’s why it’s so important for men to be vigilant with their health as they age. We provide a high standard of care through routine preventative health checks.

We have a variety of male doctors who consult on men's health, ensuring total comfort for you throughout your appointment.

Preventative support for Men's Health

Our Healthy Men Checks are designed to support men’s health as they grow past 40. The aim of the check is to identify health risk factors and successfully reduce these risks.  As well as reducing future health risks, routine health screening may also reveal pre-existing, undiagnosed diseases, which can then be treated in a timely manner.  

Health screening is particularly important in detecting ‘silent’ diseases such as:

These appointments allow us the opportunity to raise those other health issues that can be difficult to discuss:

What happens at our Healthy Men Check?

A Healthy Men Check takes approximately 40 minutes and is done here at our Kenmore clinic. It includes an appointment with a practice nurse and your usual treating doctor. While you are here, we’ll explore any current health concerns that you may have and we will also take the opportunity to update your full personal medical history and family medical history. Together, we will discuss lifestyle issues such as exercise, diet, smoking, sexual health, weight and cholesterol. 

Our Health Men Check is a full clinical examination

The visit will include a full clinical examination, ECG and urine analysis.  You will also be asked to have blood tests to monitor the following;

You can book your appointment online.

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