Chronic Disease Management & Aged Care

Improve your quality of life with chronic disease management.

Our GPs at Kenmore Clinics provide a high standard of care to our patients with chronic diseases. We know that these conditions can have negative impacts on your life, and so we work with you to manage these diseases and minimise the impact they have on you and your lifestyle. 

Our GPs will work with your wider healthcare team to develop and implement positive strategies that minimise the effects of your illness.

Some of the chronic disease we provide support for:

The healthcare support you need in your later years.

At Kenmore Clinics, we support families throughout the generations. As you enter your later years in life, we still want to support you and care for your health. Our Aged Care services ensure your health remains at its best as you age. Whether you’re living in a retirement village, in an aged care facility, or are still at home and want to be vigilant with your health, we can support you. 

We'll work with your wider healthcare team to ensure our care strategies are aligned and that your health is always prioritised.

Why choose Kenmore Clinics to manage your care?

Home Visits

Our patients in aged care or with chronic illnesses are among our community's most vulnerable. We have nurses available to come visit you at your home should you need care and can't make it into the clinic.

Commitment to your quality of life

Your GP at Kenmore Clinics will be committed to improving your quality of life. That may be through different strategies, medications, or the suggestion of allied health services and therapy.

Open 7 days

We understand how hard it can be to make it to the clinic throughout the week. We're open seven days a week with extended opening hours on select days to accommodate your care.

Preventative Care

We take a preventative and proactive approach to how we deliver care at Kenmore Clinics. In chronic disease management and aged care, it's important we stay a step ahead with your care.

You can book your appointment online.

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