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Senior Health Assessment

Have you recently turned 75 and yet to have a health assessment? Are you aged over 75 and not had a health assessment before?

Senior Health Assessments are a comprehensive review of your overall health, and are critical to providing care to older patients, for both current and future conditions.  A typical assessment involves either a home visit or an appointment at the practice with a nurse followed by a review appointment with the GP.  The overall check usually takes about 60 minutes. If you wish, a carer or a friend can also be present during the assessment. If you are worried about your memory, having a family member present is also a good idea.

There are a number of benefits to participating in this type of Health Assessment.  They include a medication review, identifying any unknown health problems that may require attention, keeping informed and confident about your health, information and/or referral to appropriate government agencies or health professionals.

It’s not just about physical health. As those over 75 are at higher risk of neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, a seniors mental health assessment is conducted. We also complete a questionnaire designed to check for depression.

Attending to your health now can mean a lot less stress should an unexpected health event or hospitalisation occur.  An over 75 health assessment is available annually and is a great opportunity to review your health with your GP. For further questions or to book an appointment please call the clinic on 3363 1600

You can book your appointment online.

You can book your appointment online via our website or the HotDoc app. Have a question? Give our clinic a call to chat with our friendly team.

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